You Got 99 Problems, Is Your Copy One?

Meet Tommy. He is one of your potential customers. He has a great job, amazing social life and money to burn!

But you see, Tommy has a problem. It’s actually a problem we all share.

Tommy only has 24 hours in a day.

That’s 8 hours sleeping and 8 hours working. Then with the remaining 8 sacred hours, he is driving to work, texting his girlfriend/mum/friends, eating, exercising, talking, thinking. Oh, and perhaps a little bit of web browsing, too.

During that small web browsing window, you’re battling with thousands of others to capture his attention.

Are you making it count?

Ready to Rock?

Make your customers raving fans

Did you know that 55% of communication is body language and 38% is tone of voice?

That gives you a huge obstacle to hurdle when communicating through text.

As an online business, how you connect with your customers with words is vital.

But you can’t throw random words at ’em and expect them to fall to their knees and hail you as the king.

You don’t communicate with your spouse the same way you do your dentist, do you?

…well at least I hope not.

To engage your customers, and build a loyal, crazed following who will follow you to the ends of the earth… Contact me today.


Website Copy

You have seconds to make an impression. Draw them in, tell them your story, and make them take action. Before you’re gone from their minds… forever.

Sales Emails

The right words for your email campaigns to increase open rates and compel your readers to take action.


Blog Writing

If you’re looking for basic blogs purely for SEO, you’re in the wrong place. Blog posts that add value and compel readers to take action. I can help with that.

Sales Pages

Sales pages that use proven, winning formulas. By the time they’ve finished reading they’ll be desperate to purchase your product or service.

Landing Pages

Landing page copy that is relevant, engaging, and persuasive. Headlines that rock, body copy that pops and call to actions that make them feel like an otherworldly force is guiding their mind.

Video Sales Letters

VSLs are popular but there’s no point hittin’ record unless you have carefully crafted words that that give the exact right message.

Kickstarter Campaigns

Build anticipation, tell your story, sell your product. I’ve been involved in a Kickstarter project that raised $50,000 within days of launching and has now quadrupled its target.

Facebook Ads

Your target audience is being bombarded by Facebook ads. Be the person who gets noticed with alluring headlines and copy that speaks directly to them.

Product Descriptions

It’s time to be different. Boring, mass produced product descriptions aren’t going to draw your audience in. Mine will.

John Robery – Copywriter

Copystar is me! I’m a copywriter in London. But my clients span the globe.

I’ve produced engaging copy for a range of different online companies. From ambitious start-ups to a FTSE 100 listed giant.

Regardless of the stature of the company, my mission remains the same. To help my clients reach their goals, and compel their customers using the power of written persuasion.

What People Are Saying…

I Like You is a dating site with over 3million registered users. They hired me to create clear crisp text that compelled their audience to take action.

Awesome experience to work with John! He is very responsive, friendly and most of all – the texts he wrote for us were really good and catchy 🙂 Thanks!


I helped Out Of Town Clothing with every aspect of their business message. I produced product descriptions, web copy, Facebook ads and persuasive sales emails.

We searched long and hard for a good Copywriter. Well, John isn’t just good, he is great! Our customer base has increased, and our sales skyrocketed! Thank you!

Out Of Town Clothing

SGS Watches hired me to create persuasive copy for their Kickstarter campaign that raised over $50,000 within a matter of days.

John produced excellent work. Quickly and efficiently he delivered what was promised, and even offered a revision! Highly recommend him!

SGS Watches

Boostly is a marketing company that serve the Hospitality industry. They hired me to transform their story and make their company message crystal clear.

John is fantastic at his job. My businesses story has been transformed! He took my rambles and turned it into a piece of art. Excellent Copywriter!



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